Thursday, October 27


One of the great fall events that I have missed for many years is watching soccer, usually in the rain. Mackenzie to the rescue! The next generation of my family is now in the big school sports years. My oldest nephew, 7th-grader, Mack, is a great kid with many gifts. At this point in his life, though, athletics does not come easy. Bless his beautiful heart, though, he keeps trekking forward. The first couple of games this season was a little painful to watch. Today was the last game of the season, and Mack's transformation over the fall was nothing short of amazing. I have not seen him doing so much physical activity since he was a toddler! To make today a perfect soccer day, Mack scored his first goal! I'll take that moment over the World Series any day, for sure.

I can learn a lot from my nephew. Not being the best is okay, as long as I'm doing my best. Shooting my arms above head in victory is a totally great reaction to meeting a huge goal (even a goal without a net). Trying new things, especially with supportive friends, can be really fun. Surrounding myself with people who cheer loudly for me is the best. A smart, talented & patient coach is invaluable. It may take until the last minutes of the last game of the season, but if I stick with it, I may even score a goal.


Kaelea said...

That's a beautiful way to think of life! Kristi, you are one of the cheerleaders in my life - thank you for constantly spurring me on. And way to go, Mack!

Jason Hill said...

And don't forget: Spread out. If we all work on the same thing lots of stuff on the fringes will get missed.

Good stuff my friend.

Lori Ann said...

don't you just love to watch kids/people transform over a matter of a few weeks.
You have already covered a lot of ground in your goals and dreams I would say!
Keep on working for the main Goal!

kristi w said...

I forgot: use your head! It was a beautiful head shot that Mack used to score.

Kaelea, you are definitely one of my teammates in life. Look at how you helped me find my inner craft abilities! It was surely painful to watch in the beginning.

Good addition, J! That's a tough one in junior high - and as a grown-up.

Koni said...

I'm not a blogger; I don't keep a diary or a journal - and I never, ever write letters. But, I can't help but respond today. Yes, Mack's goal was one of the 3 most exciting sports moments of his/my life (his first basketball goal - 3 pointer no less; his amazing save at the North Clackamas soccer game & of course the most beautiful head shot into the net!). However, I have to respond today because of you Kristi. Your love and support for Mack have been incredible. I am having a hard time typing through the fog over my eyes as I savour the love you and your mom & dad have shown my son this season (& other times too of course). I am so grateful to God for you.

Thank you for being there to witness Mack's transformation.

Glenn said...

Yes, it was a beautiful "head shot!" If we would all use our heads when shooting at our goals, we wouldn't miss so many opportunities. Mack's growth this year has been amazing, and a real pleasure for old granddad to watch. Yeaaaaaaaaa Mack!

KMiV said...

Mack is a good boy isn't he. I haven't been in the same place for 7 years too often. It has been good over the years to see he, William, and Austin grow and develop. I will congratulate Mack when I see him next.

Cheryl said...

Yea Mack!!!! Thanks for sharing this victory. We love and miss all of you!