Thursday, July 17

This is a Recording

Every year Allan and I get caught up in watching the Tour. This week I noticed something significant - the coaches who ride along in cars right behind the participants are constantly speaking their cyclist via an ear piece. We got to listen in for a bit as one coach spoke to his cyclist. It went something like this: You are strong! Be courageous! Take it easy on this hill and then take them. You can do it. Be courageous! It used to be in sports that it was just the participant and his or her own thoughts that either would propel or discourage. When I ran cross country, I would have benefited from constant positive reinforcement in my mind or, at least, in my ear. My thoughts went more like: This is ridiculous. You are not a runner. Why are you even doing this? You are not any good. How can I get out of this with some dignity? Or something like that. I needed an earpiece with someone replacing those thoughts with: You are strong. Be courageous!

I have often talked to friends and clients about the tape recorders we carry with us. Maybe it was a harsh parent with one of those statements that stuck. You aren't college material. Maybe like one of my friends, a teacher held up your artwork as an example of what not to do. You are not creative. Don't try. Maybe it was a build up of personal losses. You know, no one really likes you. Our tape recorders flip on at random moments it seems and can get stuck playing these messages over and over.

The cool thing is that we actually do have a coach who speaks into our ear. The Holy Spirit is in us, whispering the truth. You are redeemed. You are worthy. If we get in tune with the Spirit through prayer and Scripture, we will more easily hear these messages that are constantly being spoken to each of us. You are a child of the King! So, if you need to, change out your tape recording. This coach is one with whom you want to listen. You are strong. Be courageous!


Leah said...

My tape recorder has a new tape in it, thanks to you, my friend. I would not be where I am without the Holy Spirit. All praise goes to the LORD. But I would not have learned to listen so differently if it wasn't for you. And again, all praise goes to the LORD, for putting you in my life.

I love you!

KMiV said...

Great thoughts Kristi. Very important and right on the money.

It is interesting how our witness needs to shift from "You are a sinner, Christ died for your sins, he saved you from the wrath of God," to "God loves you, seeks relationship, and Christ lives in you today." When we go to Pioneer Square and listen to the preachers it tends to be the first message.

We see that the second message is actually getting a response from people. That must be why God told the Jews who came out of the wilderness wandering (6 times) to "Be strong and courageous--I will not leave you..." Maybe we all need a pep talk so that the walls of sin can fall in our lives.

Allan White said...

This is, like, one of your best posts ever. Great writing, hon!

You've always been my cheerleader, which I appreciate tremendously.

My personal faves of late:

"Gird thy loins like a man...!"

and, "Man up!"

Allan White said...

This also makes me think about what I say to my kids, by avoiding discouraging words. "Fathers, don't exasperate your children". Harsh, overly critical words can burn and scar.

Randy said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Cheryl Russell said...

Nice! I like to picture the Holy Spirit with a megaphone, "gimme a c - h - e - r - y - l. What's that spell? Redeemed! What a blessing to have these coaches in our lives, especially God!

suzylu said...

why do we continue to pull out the old tapes? it seems that we stash them somewhere in the corners of our mind...Well - I say we burn them for good =) I am so thankful that we have the power to burn them for good by God's mercy and grace. Thanks for reminder.