Monday, July 7

Get Your Blog On!

People seem to primarily fall in one of two camps - they either love blogging without reservation or they respond with something like, "Why would anyone want to hear about my boring life?" I think that everyone has something interesting to say; some have just figured out more creative ways to say it. But now there is one more reason you should stop lurking and start writing. It's good for you!

From Newsweek:
Why do people write confessional blogs? It's a creative outlet. It's a forum to vent. It's an exercise in exhibitionism. To mental-health experts, though, it's more than that: a blog is medicine. Psychiatrists are starting to tout the therapeutic power of blogging, and many have begun incorporating it into patient treatment. A forthcoming study in the journal CyberPsychology & Behavior even suggests that bloggers might be happier than nonbloggers.


Jessica said...

blog on!

Cheryl Russell said...


phyllis said...

I must be in the camp of "Why would anyone.....!" Just thinking about it is intimidating.
Oh well, some of us just aren't into sharing our thoughts.

kristi said...

This is an interestring concept to me. I wonder how much has to do with the theraputic effects of journaling - blogs are the 21 century journals.

suzylu said...

I'm slowly catching on - it is a good release from the mundane day-to-day things! I do love reading my friends' blogs - it reminds me that there are deeper things in life and for a brief moment in my day I'm an adult having an adult conversation...not that I mind being a kid the rest of the time =)