Tuesday, July 8

We the Church

There's a lot online that is trivial. There's a whole lot online that is downright terrible. Every once in a while one can come across something online that is truly good. Simple, effective, community building, and glorifying to God. I found one of those sites a while back; tonight as I was glancing through it's posts I saw this : "God bless the school in Uganda where Chris and Kami are teaching." That made me smile. Someone else, someone I presumably know, found this good tool, too.

WtC.org was created to unite the church in prayer.

Need prayer in your ministry?
Submit a prayer

Thankful for something?
Submit a praise.

And while you're here why not pray for a few things on the prayer list?

It's that simple.
Just us, the church,
praying for each other.


Leah said...

In the book of John the last prayer of Jesus is recorded and in it Christ calls on the power of THE NAME of God. That simply the power of His name can accomplish so much and cover so completely leaves me speechless and tearful.

I am filled with deep reverence and humbleness when I think about that scripture. When we say, "I'll be praying about that," we are promising the power of the LORD by calling on His name, and the person we have said that to should be able to rest in that promise.

Add to that the network effect: many people from many places praying for many things can only be a good thing. What an incredible thing to be able to have church family praying for or with you.

That is truly AWEsome.

Kathy said...

Kristi, can I get you to email me. I would like to ask some questions without making it a discussion on your blog.


Chad Wright said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about the site. I really appreciate it.