Saturday, August 5

Did He or Didn't He?

We're a little heartbroken around our house today. You see, for three weeks each year Allan and I stay up past our bedtime to marvel at one of the most grueling and amazing professional athletic events in the world - le Tour de France. This year's tour was about as exciting as they come. Floyd Landis, in position to take the lead, hit "the wall" in a major way, seemingly ending his chances of taking the yellow jersey in Paris. The next day, in a feat of determination and self-resolve, not to mention amazing athletic ability, Landis came back to blow everyone away and regain the upper hand. He did indeed go on to win the Tour and succeed Lance Armstrong as America's premier cyclist.

To today and our heartbreak...Landis, like Armstrong almost every year it seems, has been accused of adding testosterone to his body in order to improve his performance. He adamantly denies the allegations, but today the second test came out positive as well. Bob Roll, the most annoying announcer of all time (get your hands out from in front of your face!!), cries "conspiracy!" against America's great cyclists. It's hard, though, not to doubt. Did I spend three weeks watching someone cheat their way to the top? That makes me sad. And if it isn't true (oh, I would really like that to be proven the case), I'm sad that whomever it is that causes these ruckuses has to mar such an amazing sporting event.

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