Sunday, August 27

Messages From the Spirit

I have on occasion received what I believe is a special message from the Lord. It usually comes in the form of a phrase that repeats itself in my thoughts over and over until it becomes my mantra, the theme of a certain time in my life. When we were raising a little girl whom we were attempting to adopt and then subsequently lost, the message, It's Not About Me, coupled closely with the blessed thought, All for His Glory, brought me comfort and much-needed perspective during a tumultuous period. This last year, especially after having read The Treasure Principle, I heard in my head and heart Be Generous! until I actually started to believe it. The last week or so I have been hearing a new message, one that is very old and familiar to most of us. We have heard it so much, in fact, that, in its complete form, it has become cliche' and trite, something left only to the messages proclaimed at weddings. Love is Patient. Love is Kind. Those six words have been my curse and my blessing. They have been a dagger in my heart when my tongue has been used as such with my husband. Love is Patient. Love is Kind. Six little words that have served as a safety net, reminding me in the nick of time what it looks like to be the mother He has called me to be. Love is Patient. Love is Kind. I am thankful for these little reminders from the Spirit. I can only hope to grow into them.


rebecca marie said...

thank you so much for sharing this. i think so many of todays christians are hesitant to hear God speak to them, or admit it if they do. we tend to scoff at people who say "the Lord said to me..." we assume that they mean "i got a message from the scripture..." or something like that, rather than a literal, "i heard the voice of God."

i have heard the voice of God ONE time and it was shocking and amazing and i have not been very bold in sharing it. if more of us were, i think more of us would hear Him.

Amanda Peterson said...

Hmmm....good reminder

Cheryl said...

Man! That whole "love chapter" challenges the fire out of me. Along with "do everything without grumbling or complaining..."
Thanks for the reminder...God calls us to be transformed...everyday.

Steve Maxwell said...

Very well put K-White. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Kiss those children from us in Texas.