Saturday, August 19

A Love Journal

October 31, 1991...our first date
We went to see Hamlet, I believe, or one of those other Shakespearean plays, in the small auditorium at Harding. We would both get extra credit in the English class we shared - where in our first conversation you asked to borrow a pencil. You fell asleep before the play was very far along. My journal entry from that night spoke volumes: "He fell asleep on our first date. Not a good sign."

Thanksgiving, 1991...first "I love you"
I wasn't thrilled that you said it in a Scooby Doo voice, but hey, it would have to do. It was a few weeks later before I reciprocated those precious words (sans the cartoon character impersonation).

Summer, 1992...brought you home to Oregon
Shaggy hair. Cocky as could be. Loved volleyball more than me. My mom couldn't stand you. What's not to love??

Fall, 1992 & Summer, 1994...separated by continents
While I traveled the world, we "took a break" from our relationship. You found it very easy to date other girls. I was tortured. After graduation and my Africa trip I decided to head back to Oregon and find someone who needed me a little more.

January, 1995...move to Oregon
You are offered a job in Portland after you graduate. You decide you need me. We begin secretly dating again and going to pre-marital counseling.

May 31, 1995...the proposal
You take a break from playing volleyball on the beach to propose. The clouds part and heaven shines through with its approval.

August 19,1995...the wedding
"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. And with all that I am and all that I have I honor you before God."

August 19,
It was a hoot to watch our wedding video today with our three kids running around us - pointing out who was there, who has since died, who has gotten married, and who has grown up so beautifully. Oh, and the hairstyles. Who knew we were all so...mid-nineties!

As I recap our early years, like we often say in amazement, it is a wonder we ever made it. But I am so glad we did. I love our marriage. I love our life together. I love how we talk about everything - from politics to spirituality to our jobs (sorry I can't stay interested longer in geek talk) to parenting to...everything. You are truly my best friend. You are the only person I can be totally authentic with. If everyone who calls me quiet only knew how I talk your ear off! I could not ask for a better daddy for my kids. It is an honor to raise such beautiful angels with you.

Happy 11th Anniversary, Allan.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations you guys. Great post Kristi. Thanks for sharing this journey...we are proud of you both. (I was just thinking this morning about the part of your vows where you made Allan promise to never work on his bicycle in the living room---or park his bicycle in the living room....I thought that was very funny!)

KMiV said...

Now that's cool. Unfortunatley I wasn't as romantic. Congratulations on your anniversary. Hey, by the way--how could Phyllis not like him?

rebecca marie said...

that was so fun to read, thank you!


rebecca marie said...

also, your real eleventh anniversary is so close to my fake eleventh anniversary! we eloped on june 25th (if you call shawn joneseses office eloping) and then had a wedding (since no one knew we were married anyway) on august 12th. 1995 was a good year!

kristi w said...

I should mom and Allan love and enjoy each other immensely! :-)

amyparishphoto said...

Congratulations Kristi---on your anniversary and the new baby. I was just told I should be reading your blog if I wanted to know all about everything! Sorry, I hadn't kept up in a while! So, 11 pounds!! That is one big baby for such a skinny gal to give birth to. My hats off to you sister!!

Hope you're getting enough rest---haha, right----I do know how you feel, truly.

Amy Parish

Anonymous said...

I can't say much right this second, but thanks, hon, for the retrospective.

You are my best friend in this world. I can't wait to see where we go together in the future. You're an awesome mom and I'd follow you anywhere.

Allan White said...

Sorry, that last one was her husband, not an anonymous person. I hate how Blogger resets the selection to "anyonymous" when you refresh the page.

I suppose, though, it's nice to have an anonymous admirer... but I'd have to hunt him down and kill him if he were real. ;-)

Steve Maxwell said...

OK! That was awesome to read. Great post K-White and great comments Allan. Congrats guys, you are an example to Alasha and I for sure, of what happens when God is in the middle of your "family affair". God Bless you all.

Davis Family said...

Congratulations, friends!

Randy said...

Congratulations on the blessing of 11. I wish for you both many more blessings . . . not necessarily the kind that run around and have to be fed!

Allan W. said...

Rebecca, LOL - we had our pre-marital counseling in Shawn Jones' office. I don't think he thought much of me at the time, or didn't think our relationship would work.

I was speaking to Jason H. the other day about the "Class of 1995" - all of us who were married that year. I didn't realize you were in the same 'class'!

rebecca marie said...

hee! i don't think shawn thought we were going to make it, either. he actually had HUGE reservations, considering our engagement was 3 days long and we had no pre-marital counseling at all. scott and i LOVE seeing him near our anniversary and reminding him! "guess what shawn, the vows took!"

yes, '95 was a very good year!