Saturday, August 27

Little Joys

We are settling into our new home. We have more home improvement projects than there are types of drills at Home Depot. There are moments when that realization causes a paralysis - what do I start on next?! Yet, amongst the half-empty boxes scattered everywhere, the bare walls, the painfully cracked driveway, the hideously ugly bathroom and fence that needs to be moved, I find joy in little aspects of our new home. One word: dishwasher. For the last six years I have had permanent prune-tipped fingers from hours of soaking in Palmolive. Surveys often show that couples fight about two main things: sex and money. Not us. Ours was dirty dishes. Satan found his foothold in my need to have order before retiring for the night and Allan's need to have the dish fairies take care of the evening cleaning. Getting a beautiful, shiny chrome dish drainer and a better attitude helped immensely the last year at our old house. Ah, but now we have a dishwasher. It's truly a thing of beauty and a gift from God.


Allan W. said...

I am fixated on the hardwood kitchen floor. I scrub it with a rag every day because I can *see* the dirt! It tortures me! Love it though.

rebecca marie said...

ha ha ha. ryerson hardwood floors, where my mom roanna works, sells this thing called a schmop. it's awesome for hardwoods. it's basically a swiffer, you know, with the flat swivel head thing, only it's got a terry cloth cover that's perfect for hardwoods. no hardwood owner should be without. they're just off 17th, right near la caretta. whew, this looks just like a spam comment!

Amanda Peterson said...

So can I bring my dirty dishes over? This is the first time I have ever been without a dishwasher!