Wednesday, August 31


Being in a state of transition, we have not had a television set up yet in our new house (now the debate - should we or should we not??). This has kept us pretty alienated from the storm in the south. Allan and I are both news junkies, so we have kept up on the words of description, but there is nothing like seeing the pictures of pain to spur one's heart to prayer or action or empathy.

I read this response to a post on Mike Cope's blog today and thought it was very profound.
Does anyone ever notice that in most of our hymn books, and especially in the age of praise, that there is little songs of lament. One thing we as Christians need to do is lament, complain to God why this has happened, complain why tragedy must occur and why it seems that those who have the least are the ones suffering the most. As we lament, we then can, as Israel did in their Psalms of lament, hope and anticipate the redemption of God once again from this great, great tragedy. ...And maybe our prayers of lament will also move us to help in what ever means become available to us. God bless!


Lori Ann said...

I just read that post today at Mike's blog.
The pictures of the devastation of Katrina are heartbreaking.

Allan W. said...

Almost everything I've seen has been online or heard over the radio. Unbelievable. My friend Tom and I have been talking about our trip to New Orleans back in the late nineties; it's hard to for me to imagine it under water.

I cannot imagine a more vulnerable, least-prepared population in the US, either.

Kristi, remember going to St. Louis for flood cleanup? Remember the mud? It's going to be like that, but toxic.

Lori Ann said...

we helped some with the St. Louis flood clean-up. We had just moved back their from Memphis.
YOu are right about the conditions in NO. I remember it being so depressed and dirty.

kristi w said...

And dangerous! I remember how precarious some of the structures were. And then there's the snakes. Ack! I heard a report of how there is an increase in water mocassins making appearances.