Friday, August 19

I've Been Tagged...

Several days ago, Rebecca tagged me, saying I need to share my top ten music loves of the moment. This was a hard task for me; I just don't pay attention to who sings what! So I did a little research and annoyed my husband incessantly until I came up with this:
  • Warning Sign, Coldplay
  • One, Johnny Cash
  • Beautiful Day, U2
  • What Am I To You?, Norah Jones
  • Ode To My Family, The Cranberries
  • God Of Wonders, Third Day
  • Burn for You, Toby Mac
  • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, Jack Johnson
  • 100 Year, Five For Fighting
  • Where Is The Love?, Blackeyed Peas
So, my dear fellow bloggers, I now tag Amanda, Emily, Allan, Jason & Cheryl. Remember to give your list and tag five more unsuspecting readers!


rebecca marie said...

oh! thank you for playing along! i love God of wonders...

Swingin said...

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Breanna said...

a fellow tobymac lover!!!! I'm so glad!! he is the BEST. it's my favorite music for the gym..if anything can keep me pumped,tobymac can!

Allan W. said...

If I post a list, it will only be "todays'" list - I couldn't imagine an all-time fave list.

Allan W. said...

My current faves, judging by top-rated tracks in iTunes:

Warning Sign - Coldplay
One - Johnny Cash
California - Lenny Kravitz
Where Is My Mind? - Pixies
Beautiful Day - U2
Scarecrow - Beck
Overkill - Colin Hay
Allison - Elvis Costello
Won't Give in - Finn Brothers
Dog Gone - Frank Black