Sunday, August 7

Connor Update

The last few days have revolved around a certain, adorable two-year-old boy. We had the ER visit after he hurt himself Wednesday night, we saw a specialist on Friday morning and they scheduled his "surgery" for 9:00 Friday night. That's a lot of trauma for a little guy!

They gave him a dose of something that made him very relaxed...and I mean, very relaxed. "Heeey, daddyyy! You're heavyyy." It was funny, but rather disturbing, to see my toddler stoned. It did make the handoff to the strange people much less anxiety provoking. Allan and I had not even settled on a t.v. show in the lobby ("ooh, ooh, cable!") when the doctor came to tell us everything was good. Connor woke up very mad and was inconsolable until we got him back to a Thomas the Tank Engine movie in his room. A popsicle, a few vitals and some wiggling fingers and we were headed back home.

He's doing well with his heavy arm now. Nighttime is the only trouble area, as I'm sure it's hard for him to get comfortable. Thanks for the prayers!

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