Friday, May 23

Women In Ministry Conference

I've got to fill you in on New York! It was such a great adventure - so much fun and freedom. I think I would really enjoy living in New York - you know, except that I would be homeless because I couldn't actually afford to live there. But that's beside the point.

Lest anyone think I just went there for the fun, I'll start with the conference of which most of you have never heard. This was the fourth annual Women in Ministry Conference, sponsored by Pepperdine & the Manhattan Church of Christ. When I heard about this gathering, I knew I had to go. I was so excited to be in the same room with other women who are serving Christ as leaders and pioneers in their congregations.

It ended up being about as eclectic of a group as you could put together from within the CoC. There were a lot of women who volunteer as organizers in ministry within their churches, elders' wives, children's ministers, education, involvement & small group ministers, theology students, professors, and full-time ministers from gender inclusive congregations. We heard speakers discuss how to discern God's calling for your life, self-care & mindfulness (contemplate the apple), & story telling. We had lunch with those from similar areas of ministry and did yoga together as a large group.

The highlight for me was our first night which was set up as a beat poet, open mic, coffee house theme. If the world was to have a "So You Think Your Church Has Talent" reality show, I have no doubt PUMP could hold its own. But I'm thinking the crown would go to Manhattan CoC. Holy smokes! Let's just say that the worship leader for the evening is on Broadway as Joanne from Rent (soon to be leaving to become the Lady of the Lake in Spamalot). Then there's the jazz singer...the interpretive dancer...the actress playing the woman at the well...Sick, I tell you. Those women have more talent than is fair!

It was an encouraging time that, of course, rocked my world a bit (can't we all use a good rocking sometimes?). Girlfriends, check it out next year. It will be at Pepperdine, near the time of the lectures.

More of the New York fun to come...

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