Tuesday, May 27

Things I Learned (or was reminded of) In New York

* You never, ever wait for the cross signal to change to walk. You go when there is a gap in traffic; otherwise, you will be trampled by all other pedestrians.
* One could spend weeks exploring the MET.
* One could spend weeks exploring Central Park.
* It's really, really easy to lose one's sense of direction in Central Park.
* It's hard not to laugh when a guy says, "How you doin'?" just like Joey from Friends.
* They know how to cook in that city. I don't think we ate one mediocre meal - it was all fabulous.
* Front row, center at Hairspray is about one of the greatest places on earth.
* Singing along with YouTube videos of Journey is a great way to annoy twenty-year-old roommates (who did not know Journey!!)
* Cheryl sleeps with one sock. Then she focuses on whichever foot will bring her to a comfortable temperature.
* A $10 umbrella will last less than ten minutes when the wind blows.
* No matter how cute you want to look, comfortable walking shoes are a must.
* It is really, really hard to get large luggage through the turnstiles in the subway.
* Cheryl is not strong enough to ram herself through a turnstile.
* Only idiots don't see that there are doors right next to the turnstiles to be used when one has large luggage.
* Even those who claim to not care about those who are famous, can become completely star struck in the right environment.
* Donald Trump's hair is actually worse in person.
* It seems that those who have been in show business the longest recognize the wisdom in schmoozing with fans more than some of the newbies.
* If you want to do any major tourist thing, like the Statue of Liberty, get up early.
* Everyone is quieter in the vicinity of Ground Zero.
* Taxi rides are a lesson in personal and intestinal fortitude.
* Taxi drivers do not speak English (at least none of ours did), yet they can get you where you need to go ("80th?" "80th." "8-0?" "8-0.").
* Texting friends back home adds a great dimension of fun to a trip.
* Times Square at night is amazing.
* New York never sleeps.

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Cheryl Russell said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That turnstile is going down, yes, it may have thrown me back and stolen my money 2 or 3 times, but I think I can take it.

You forgot one thing: There is no secret to opening the door to the workout room. You just put your card in the door and turn the handle.