Wednesday, May 21

Sad News

Terrible, tragic news from the home of Steven Curtis Chapman, one of the most recognized Christian artists and an amazing advocate for international adoption. His oldest son accidently ran over & killed their youngest daughter (pictured seated on SCC's lap) today.


Jennifer B. Davis said...

Wow! That is horrible!

When I was in Junior High a classmate of mine was run over by another parent from the school (whose daughter happen to be "going with" the victim's brother who narrowly missed being hit himself). Dark clothes at dusk. She didn't see them. Totally an accident. I still remember going over to the Mom's house (the one who had killed my friend) and both families were there crying and hugging. I just couldn't help but think how that kind of love, grace, and forgiveness was a God thing! I pray the same for the Chapman family.

rebecca marie said...

unbeleivably sad, tragic, horrible... not even enough words.

i hope he is able to forgive himeslf.

Allison said...

I feel so much for the family. Especially that poor boy. I'm so glad they have the Lord in their life. I don't know how people without God get through the smallest of trials.