Wednesday, May 7

The Behappytudes *

Happy are those who know who to depend on (poor in spirit)
Happy are those who know what to be sad about (mourn)
Happy are those who know how to use their strength (meek)
Happy are those who can only be satisfied by God (hunger and thirst for righteousness)
Happy are those who give people a way to start over (merciful)
Happy are those who keep it honest even when it hurts (pure in heart)
Happy are thse who never give up on making up (peacemakers)
Happy are those who won't quit doing right when it's hard (persecuted)

Last week I was blessed beyond measure when I was able to attend the Pepperdine Lectures. The flowers in Malibu were in full bloom, the sun radiated a steady 75 degrees all week, the views were spectacular. More than the refreshment received from the physical surroundings, though, I was nourished by the fresh look at Jesus' Sermon on the Mount given by amazing orators of the Word and by reconnecting with friends and mentors. I would never grow tired of sitting at the feet of Mike Cope, Don McLaughlin, Monte Cox, Prentice Meador, and so many others as they challenge and encourage. It was so good for my mind and spirit to be stretched in new and uncomfortable ways. Get it on your calendar for next year - it is worth it.

*from Don McLaughlin's fourth-grade class


If you are in the mood for an impassioned political letter, read & comment on this.


Cheryl Russell said...

You forgot to put that MC waved at you! ;)

Carol said...

I love the behappytudes! Thank you for posting them

Kathy said...

Hi Cheryl. I'm sure you don't know me (I used to live in Portland, so I know your family distantly from the CofC community)but I have been stalking your blog and enjoying it very much. Isn't RSS lovely?
Anyway, my family has recently posted a question to our extended family regarding family (especially children) and communion on our blog and we are looking for feedback from thinking people like yourself who may have been where we are at one time. I would love to hear any thoughts you may have on the subject if you would be willing to stop by at If you know anyone else who would have some good thoughts on the subject, please encourage them as well. I appreciate the consideration!

Kathy said...

I was afraid that would happen. Try

brenda said...

I wish we could have joined you this year at the lectureships. It was cost prohibitive for us this year with our big tax bill, but hopefully we will see you there next year!

Kathy said...

Ooops! I meant to say Kristi, but I'm glad Cheryl read that, too! Can I blame it on pregnancy brain? I'm afraid that is just a lame excuse for Kathy brain, though.
However, I am happy for anyone to join us for the discussion! Please, come on over!