Sunday, January 1

A Year in Review

2005 is now a thing of the past. This was not one of those years that seemed to fly by for our family. It was a very full year; when I think back on things that happened earlier this year, it seems so very long ago!

We started off this year in grief over the loss of our almost-adopted-daughter. I cannot imagine that another single event that has shaped Allan and I in a more profound way. The Lord has taught us much about his His will and His glory through our need for Him.

In February I traveled to Sri Lanka to teach coping skills and offer hope and help to the children and caregivers devasted by the incredible tsunami that struck that region. There is no way an experience like that can not alter your life. I appreciate all of my travels that have allowed for my world view to expand. Later in the fall I was able to meet up with my team at the International Play Therapy Conference in Nashville to present our experience.

What had started out as a little hiatus at my parents' home in between the sale of our house in Southeast Portland and buying a house in Northeast became a year-long sleep-over (bless those folks!). In August, to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary (in lieu of my dream trip to Italy), we were finally able to find a house near PUMP that we now call our own. Despite its need for some loving work, we like our place - especially being so close to PUMP and our friends in the neighborhood.

Allan lost two of his grandparents this year who had led long, faithful lives. We enjoyed our visits to Texas, despite having to say good-bye to these good folks. We finished off 2005 by burying my thirty-year-old cousin on New Year's Eve in Seattle; he had been killed in a senseless shooting. These losses have been important reminders about living life in accordance with God's will each day.

As a big five-years-old, Trinity started pre-school at the local elementary school this fall. She loves her friends and craves learning all she can. Connor is crazy in love with Thomas trains and other three-year-old interests. This summer he kept us on our toes with a nasty broken arm. And baby Sprout has been causing all sorts of trouble, with all of the joy and anticipation baby brings, in its first weeks of existence within mommy! We also added two other little ones in 2005 - our furry little black and white cuties, Lewis & Clark.

Allan has completed another successful year in freelance work. Much of the year he has been focused mostly on one client, Luis Palau Association. He has gotten to travel with his work with them, most notably working the Festival on the Washington D.C. mall. I continue to work part-time at PUMP, loving this ministry immensely.

I think that about sums up 2005 for us. There has been lots of ups and downs, as life brings, but we are thankful for each experience. We look forward to what 2006 will bring to our little family!


Steve Maxwell said...

God bless you guys and I look forward to the things this year will bring anticipating most the return of Jesus.

KMiV said...

Wow, it just seems like yesterday that you went to Sri Lanka. Time does fly.

What a wonderful year for you all, many blessings. And we continue to keep you in prayer in all of this.