Monday, January 9

Boy or Girl?

During my last pregnancy I read there is only one old wives tale to determine the sex of the baby that has proven reliable (after much online searching, though, I cannot find said article). If a pregnant woman consistently dreams about one sex, there is a 95% probability that she will give birth to the sex of the baby in her dreams. This has held true for me in the last two pregnancies.

This week I had my first baby dreams. In the first one, after a short and pain-free delivery, the nurse held up the baby for us to see. There was a sweet little girl in all her naked glory. The only really weird thing was that she had beautiful, long brown hair flowing down to her feet. There is a reason that God makes babies bald and not with long hair - it looks really freaky.

The second dream again had a quick, pain-free childbirth (unfortunately, I have read no statistics about this dream proving true - no matter how many nights it is relived). The baby was three weeks early, though, and we had not even begun the name-choosing process. The nurse laid the baby boy down on a picnic table (because apparently I gave birth at a church picnic, but no one seemed to noticed) and I left the area to have some alone time. When I returned, having decided to name the baby Dalton, I was very frustrated and not a little guilt-ridden, when I saw that the baby was laying on a plastic food tray with a beer bottle next to him (I'm not sure what kind of church picnic this was!).

So far no gender predictions through my dreams. As I was looking for the aforementioned statistic on dreams & gender, I came across some of those other predictor sites. According to the Chinese calendar, it is a girl - but I know that one was wrong with at least one of my other kids. And with one site that puts together a bunch of the old wives tales, I have a "50% chance of having a boy". Thank you - that was extremely helpful.

Oh, and in case you wonder (or care), we actually don't want to know the gender before we are introduced face-to-face. So no definitive answers until next summer!


rebecca marie said...

then i don't recommend the chinese gender chart. it's usually right.

pregnant dreams are the best. the two that stand out for me are one where the baby had the face of one of those troll dolls, and one where i gave birth in the bathtub, to a litter of puppies, through my belly button.

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

I haven't had any dreams like that yet... Makes you wish Daniel was around. It might not have anything to do with the baby but the state of this country. :-)

Both Dawntte and I also have chosen to wait to know the sex of our child. It's been the MO since Hannah.

However, I will tell you what I feel has determined the sex for me.
With Hannah we had a boy name right off. We had a girl.
With Miriam, we had a boy name right off. We had a girl.
With Caleb, we had a girl name right off. We had a boy.
This fourth child has a name that came right to my mind... Grace. My guess is it will be a boy since I have no clue what to name a boy.

We will see.

Adam Wolfgang said...

Yeah, where is that Church? Do you have anyother dates for picnics? I am so there!

Oh by the way, I guesed right on 2 of our three kids, no dreams or mathmatical equations involving the moon or the season, I just felt it.

randy said...

At a church picnic? It gives a whole new meaning to potluck!

Lori Ann said...

Chinese calander and every other wives tale predicted Caleb a girl! Or else I was just wishing!
We also like the surprise of not knowing the sex until B day. It didn't matter that we have only heard the same one, we still had the same feelings wash over us!

Aimee Jo said...

Crazy dream.... I am glad that you are waiting to know the sex of the baby--it makes things exciting! And you guys also keep the list of names a secret, right? Just don't steal any that we are thinking of for our kids someday. :)

PapaPeters said...

hmmm I also think the not knowing is almost the point. Some things are better left till you are in the moment, like it would be no fun knowing what all your chrismas presents were before you opened them. I want a baby!!!!

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