Monday, January 23

A Shining Star

Do you ever think your life is boring? Do you feel like you take the "safe" route; that others are living the exciting plots of movies? I imagine that is why the reality shows have such an appeal to so many. It is a chance to dream that you can travel the world or fight for survival in some exotic location.

I have a dear friend who should be the star of her own show. Kymm has charisma and joy that naturally draws others to her. She is overflowing with energy and laughter. Her life has not been all glamorous by any means, yet she always remains an shining star.

Kymm has definitely participated in some glam. Her job had her on a first name basis with the good people we listen to on the radio. I had to tease her when she was a disappointed that free passes we had been given for a Third Day concert were on the eighth row. Don't they know who she is? This is Kymm! Where is our backstage pass?

This last year has been one for the books. At the ripe old age of 36, Kymm was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. It was ugly and painful. Nothing glamorous about it. Except Kymm. She faced her toughest days with the joy, trust, and faith that I have trouble mustering on my best. When her hair fell out, she bought six totally varied wigs of which Cher would have been envious! She was one of those rare patients whom the nurses look forward to seeing because she cheered them up. All of her doctors know more about faith, healing and God because of her freely given testimonies.

Kymm recently shocked me again with her spontaneous, fun-filled spirit. She and Will, her "we're only friends" best friend and business partner eloped! The story and pictures show beautifully her complete joy.

We all need a Kymm in our lives. A person who reminds us that, even through the dark and painful times of life, you can be a shining light. A person who laughs freely, dreams big and dives into adventure. A person who knows, believes and lives in the reality that the only thing that matters in this world is giving glory to the Lord God Almighty.


randy said...

Yes we do.

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to meet this lady!