Friday, January 6

Say That Again??

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - now that is realistic!"
- Allan, in a conversation regarding time travel and how one wouldn't really understand conversational dialogue because of the changes in the English language over history, as many movies inaccurately depict.


Allan White said...

I was thinking of the scene with Sow-crates when they're trying to interact, and of course, he speaks Greek.

"As the sands in the are... the days of our lives..."

That was, like, totally realistic.

ojbegee: Swedish disco boy-band.

kristi w said...

Oh, honey, your explanation does not do anything to help your quote look any less ridiculous than it is. Thanks for the laugh!

KMiV said...

I loved the movie. I didn't like the second one as much although giving death a "wedgie" was pretty good. As Rob Morrow stated--one of the greatest actors of our day (Keanu) and no one saw it coming in this movie.

Glenn said...

Hey Allan, how many movies have you seen depicted in a foreign land, but in English (American). Even as a kid I thought that it was funny when the Japanese komokasi pilots dove [OK dived] toward our ships speaking American. I think they all went to UCLA before the war.

rebecca marie said...

this is too funny. just yesterday, my son said something about how you "can't really travel in time." and i said, "well, no. unless you have a phone booth." and the mister goes, "right. you totally can if you have a phone booth."

that movie is the goods.

epecially when Jeff Brady lets us watch it in history class in leiu of actual learning... kinda like when your class got to disect "we didn't start the fire..." good times, good times.