Tuesday, November 29

To My Connor Bear

I remember my response when I found out I was pregnant with you, Connor: No way! It can't be! It's not time yet! I'm supposed to go mountain-climbing this summer! I just lost all the weight from my first pregnancy! I don't want to feel nauseated for weeks! Not very maternal, I know. Then I received a holy tap on the shoulder, reminding me of what you truly are - a gift from the Almighty Creator. Since that moment, I have thanked God every day for entrusting you to me.

You are an amazing, precious little guy with a heart of gold. One look at your dark eyes (like mommy's) and your beaming smile (like daddy's) and I am overwhelmed with adoration, all the way to my toes. You are passionate, loving, cuddly, energetic and very, very funny.

I pray that you will always be someone who will bring others joy. I pray that you will use your passion to draw others into a loving relationship with Jesus. May your humor bring light and laughter into the lives of those around you. You will undoubtedly bless others, as you have me. I am so proud to be your mommy.

Happy third birthday, Connor!

San Angelo


kristi said...

Kristi, what a beautiful tribute to Connor, he is a pretty cute and lovable guy. Now that Trinity has
a blog, when is Connor's going to start?

Aimee Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Connor! Your mom is right--you are hilarious and you look so big now that I say those pics of you when you were a baby. Man, time flies by quickly.
Keep your lively spirit. Happy Birthday, big boy!
He's worth missing rock climbing, huh, Kristi?!

Lori Ann said...

Happy Birthday Connor. 3 years sure flew by didn't it!
I remember the day he was born, your mom was suppose to bring dinner that night for our new addition! Instead she was holding a new Cash member! He arrived a little early didn't he?
Happy Birthday Connor, have a great 3rd year of learning and discovery!

KMiV said...

3 years have gone by. He is a good boy and a cutie. I always like seeing him when he comes to Metro.

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Connor! We are so thankful God has given you three great years and pray for many more blessed years to come.
Love and hugs from Africa,
Aunt Cheryl and co.

Jeff Cash said...

We love you little man.

Your Uncle Jeff