Monday, November 14

My Own Lost

I can quit any time I want! I now know I am not a blogger addict. We had to quickly head to Texas earlier this week for a family funeral. In the five days we were gone, I did not once look at my blog or anyone else's, for that matter. Quite a show of restraint, if I do say so myself.

Having to travel with young kids is not an easy feat. One silver lining, though, is that you get to board the plane early, because they (accurately) figure it will take you as long to get the snacks, coloring books, juice, books, blankets and all other necessities settled, as it will to get the entire 737 loaded with passengers and their gear. While Allan was across the aisle wrestling the two crocs into their pjs for the late flight home, I had a chance to watch the people who were joining us on this journey. What if we landed on a deserted island (work with me, I know there are not a lot of islands between Houston and Portland), aka Lost? Who are these people? What are their gifts and abilities? What are they about?

There's the lady wearing sweats, tennis shoes and a huge, white fur coat. Let's call her "Joan". Would Joan pull her own weight or would she be concerned about her manicure?

Over there is "Monica", a twenty-something attractive black woman. She wears Eskimo booties, complete with pom-poms. I think Monica would hold her own; she's not afraid to be her own girl.

I'm a bit concerned about "Bob" and "Elaine". They are a retired couple in matching alligator t-shirts. I think they would take good care of each other, but I can't see them climbing a coconut tree or diving after fish.

Then there's the "Johnson" family, a close-knit group with mom, dad, older teenage boy, middle teenage girl and a youngest son, who is obviously the prankster of the crowd. With their matching red hair, there is something about them that makes me think they will break out into singing musicals around the campfire. That will get old really quick.

Is that Albert Einstein? I can't quite figure this wild-haired guy out. "Gene" looks like he may have just finished a day of safari in a Jeep with the top off. He's complete with jean shirt, khakis and a big, ol' camera strapped around his neck.

"Neil" needs to relax. This fine gentleman wore his suit jacket and tie the entire flight. Being on a deserted island is going to be rough for him.

The lady immediately in front of us I call "Jane", after Jane Goodall, because of her long graying ponytail. Jane plays with my kids, making them laugh and telling them stories. She doesn't even wince when they repeatedly kick her seat. She'll be a good one to keep the troops calm.

"Mike", the guy behind us, looks as strong as an ox, with muscles bulging out of his shirt. He'll be able to move large boulders and won't complain about it.

All in all, I think we'd do okay. A well-rounded, varied group with a great cross-section of ethnicities and ages represented. I don't see any Kate types either, which is good because I don't need my husband being tempted by any other brunettes.


Amanda Peterson said...

I am glad you found a way to amuse yourself. It is important to keep a good attitude on the red-eye! Welcome home!

Jason Hill said...

U worried about Allan? I'm worried about you spending too much time with the brooding, hunky dude who just needs a friend to help him through his childhood issues. But, why is there only one kid on the island? Things will be different when Trin and Conner show up. Will there be childcare duties? Does Al get to go hunting and gathering or is it Kristi who spends time away from camp cultivating her secret garden with her asain friend? I'd tune into find out.

Cheryl said...

Airplanes. Kids. Late flights. Sigh...Our time again is fast approaching.

I love people watching on airplanes...thanks for this post. I've missed you. :-)

Glenn said...

Like Cheryl said, airplanes, kids, late night flights, sigh. But my perspective is different, never having traveled that way with my own kids. We've learned not to sit up by the bulk-head on long flights - that's where they put the families with kids, because there's more room, and no seats ahead of them to kick. You can always see the dread in the eyes of mothers as they get on the plane, and the worn out relief when the flight is over. I sympathize and them, try to read, look out of the window, or sleep. Phyllis, on the other hand, sometimes becomes Grammy to the children around us. On a loooooong flight to China, by the time we got there the Mom considered Phyllis as Mamasan, letting us take over her children when she needed a break, leaving her seat to join her husband toward the back of the plane. (I thnk he purposely chose the seats apart.) It's fun and sometimes scarey to people watch on the plane. On the last trip back from Africa, there was a woman...well, it's enough to say that the steward threatened to handcuff her (seriously). He told me that it is pretty hard to put somebody off of the plane on a non-stop from Uganda to London, but he would if he could. She would not have lasted a day on "the island." Someone would have seen to that. Welcome home, we know it was a hard trip.

rebecca marie said...

man i'm so glad i'm not the only one who does this. i used to have a friend who did it with me. we'd sit at the mall with a lemonaide and make up stories about everyone walking by. great fun.

KMiV said...

I've never watched Lost but I liked this post. Did you see the big guy with curly hair parted down the middle--he's the only guy I recall.

Cindy said...

People watching is very entertaining!! Validating for me to know that I am not the only one who can come up with some pretty comical personas!

Love Trinity's blog!!

Allan W. said...

I ran into "Gene" on the way out of the bathroom in Houston - he carried his Big Canon SLR around his neck the entire time! I thought he was a reporter or something.

The red-headed family made me think of the Swiss Family Robinson.

Jason's right to worry about you - you always liked the bad boys...

I'd definitely be out there hunting. At least, hunting animals smaller than a boar. More than that, though, I'd probably spend time making Stone-Age weapons like an atlatl or bow & arrows for those chance encounters with The Others.

Kristi, I howled with laughter at this post. Your funniest yet!

Adam Wolfgang said...

poor Allan restling with the "crocs" while you get to day dream, he must have had a turn on the other flight.
What about you guys? How would you guys help the group? I think Allan would be a work horse! And he could put your video together when you were rescued!

kristi w said...

Adam, he got them into pjs and then I had them for the actual flight! Thankfully Connor wanted nothing but to lie on the floor the whole time.

Allan would definitely be handy to have around on an island adventure - it's not right for one person to have so much knowledge and talent. As for me? Organize us so we don't die right away (which is what happens when you are unorganized) - No, Connor, you may not have another Fig Newton! You got your half for the day!

Allan said...

Maybe if we had a little "island adventure" it would help my kids get over their food pickiness. They just might get past bagels, apple juice, and cheese and learn to like Dharma (tm) Protein Powder and fish that I catch with my homemade trident.

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