Friday, November 25

Broken Record

Marriage. Reading scripture. Mountain climbing. Gardening. Graduate school. Planting a church. Making wise financial choices. Childbirth. Traveling. Exercising. Childbirth again. Building relationships. Trying to adopt a child. Getting out of bed. Buying a house. Reading a book. Freelancing. Supporting others' dreams. Training kittens.

Isn't it odd how you can get a line stuck in your head from a song that you haven't heard in eons? Seeing a certain sight or hearing some random word or even the smell of a certain aroma triggers the release from the file cabinet of your brain a song of yesteryear. Then you must endure the repetition of said line over...and over...and over.

One day this week I had such an experience with the line, "It wasn't easy, but it was worth it." I vaguely remember a song with this line - maybe it's a song sung from Jesus' perspective? Or maybe not. It could be a country jingle about a broken marriage for all I can remember. Since only that one line played like a skipping record in my head about, oh, a gazillion times or so, I had ample opportunity to become philosophical with its message.

Above the light switch in his room, my brother Steve had a little scrawled out post-it that read: Those things in life that are most worth having are those worth working hardest for. Attached was a picture of Steve's then-girlfriend, now wife, Dana. I always thought that was a profound statement of love. With my little song ditty of this week ringing loudly in my ears, I am reminded of this concept of commitment. Life is full of hard choices, tough requirements of stamina and endurance. But don't these often result in reflections of amazement? We look back and cannot imagine life before _____. I thank God for those things in my life that were so incredibly hard to go through, but which proved to be so worth it. For through the toughest times, when I am weakest, God's power and glory is made most evident.


Amanda Peterson said...

At least you most often get songs stuck in your head. I get words or word phrases stuck in my head most of the time. Do you know what it is like to just keep thinking the same word over and over again? Ahhh, the agony!

Adam Wolfgang said...

this is a fun game to play with Aimee Jo, she gets any song stuck in her head after even two or three hummed words! Then she's singing it all week long.

Davis Family said...

This is precisely why I had to change my ringtone on my cell phone. I used to be Abba's "Take a Chance on Me." However, my co-workers protested that everytime my phone rang, they would get it stuck and be humming it embarrasingly in meetings all day. Sadly, there is no deeper meaning to the lyrics: "If you change your mind, I'm the first in line. Baby, I'm still free...take a chance on me." Oops! Now I have done it to you, too. Sorry.

rebecca marie said...

i've heard that you can get any song out of your head by singing aerosmith's "dude looks like a lady," but then you run the risk of having aerosmith's "dude looks like a lady," in your head.

KMiV said...

Very good post Kristi,
Sometimes we take the Homer Simpson view of life. "If its too hard, its not worth doin'."

I think you are right. Sometimes the mundane and repitious are those things worth living for but those things we take for granted.