Saturday, November 26

Advertise Yourself!

Four out of Five Dentists Recommend Trinity.

Double the Pleasure, Double the Allan.

No-One Does Chicken Like Connor.

To make your own ad, click here- It's great for a laugh!


Cheryl said...

Built Cheryl Tough.

That was mine. Funny, that would be my slogan on a day when I'm sick, worn out and ever so slightly, whiny. Ah much for truthful advertising.

rebecca marie said...

"why can't everything orange be rebecca marie?"

Kaelea said...

What was yours, Kristi?

Both Cheryl's and Rebecca's are great and quite accurate I'd say! I'll find out more about Cheryl's soon!

"Have a Kaelea and a smile!"

Wow - I like that; is that conceited?

kristi w said...

You Deserve A Kristi Today.

Of course you do!

Jason Hill said...

But I'd Rather Have a Bowl of Jason.

And who wouldn't.

Lori Ann said...

Hey Jason, that was Caleb's!
Mine was 'it's different in a Lori"

Glenn said...

Everybody needs - CASH!!

Kaelea said...

"I think, therefore Michal Ruth."

randy said...

So funny! Where did you find this?

Here's mine:

It Takes A Randy But Keeps On Tickin'.