Thursday, July 14

Stupid Google.

I thought I would google a few of my friend's names to see if any of them were bloggers who have been holding out on me. My friend, Stephanie, has a "not-a-blog" page associated with her work that has some light-hearted observations on her world.

Sidenote: Hey, Steph- you are #1 on google. Congrats! I don't know if that actually means anything, but Allan was sure excited to be the top Allan White--above Allan White the preacher, Allan White the attorney, Allan White the Phd. chemist, and even Allan White, the drummer from YES! Oh, I am so humiliated. I just googled myself in order to have some bragging rights of my own. I'm not even on the first page! There is some celebrity photo of a "Kristi White" (you ever heard of her??), and, ack! that is some 80's hair! How did she get in above me and my cool blog??

Focus, Kristi...So back to Stephanie's blog. I am new to this whole world of blogging, so I may be breaking some cardinal rules here. But I have to share this story she posted. If I had been drinking milk, it surely would have gotten snorted out of my nose.
For weeks now I've been *almost* grabbing my hair spray instead of my deodorant spray when reaching to put on my deodorant. I even moved them to totally opposite sides of the cabinet so even on autopilot I would know left = deodorant, right = hairspray. Gradually the deodorant moved to the right side as well... not even sure how or when. But this morning I gave myself a full on spray... only to pull it out from under my shirt and see the *pink* can of my hairspray container. Ugh. Sticky. Whelp, at least my underarm hairs will stay in place. LOL.


Amy Parish said...

Hey Kristi--your blogis cracking me up! Loved the garage sale hunting, I need to do more of that myself. Oh, and I am very proud to be the 3rd Amy Parish listed on google!

Jason Hill said...

Nice ups on the Google. You'll cruise to the top soon since Allan's site is linking to yours; just give it a week or 2. And get as some other bloggers who have frequent posts to link to you, Google seems to look for sites with frequent updates to weight its algorithms and blogs certainly fit that bill. (I’m sure Allan has clued you into all of this.)
It also helps if you have a not-so-common name...

Google Stats:
Jason Hill - 5,010,000 hits
"Jason Hill" - 45,100 hits
JasonHill - 3,410

What really bugs me is the guy with has a decent site, is a programmer, has a Tivo and takes some nice images. It’s like a parallel universe. However, I will not boost his number one ranking with a link here. :P
I’m enjoying your posts keep them coming. Are we ever going to hear about you house hunt?

Allan W. said...

The house hunt, Lord willing, will be drawing to a close soon... I'm sure there's some stories there - besides our frustration - don't you think, Kristi?

Allan W. said... is a little spare visually, IMHO. Nice photos, definitely. A programmer's aesthetic, perhaps? Where's he live I wonder?

Jennifer Davis said...

Well, I have resigned myself to the fact that I may never be the #1 Google for "Jennifer Davis." Alas, it is just too darned common. To help my chances, I started a blog to connect all those with the common moniker. It hasn't taken off yet, but I am still crossing those fingers. Check it out at!

Keep singing, my friend!

Sarah said...

Umm, at least you're not stuck with a name like Sarah (not Jessica, thank you very much) Parker...