Sunday, July 10

I Have a Headache

Almost every Sunday afternoon I am wolloped with a terrible headache. What is that about? Today is no exception; I am on the brink of a migraine. There's no reason for that! It should be an afternoon of lounging comfortably with the Sunday paper spread all around, snacking off of a plate of fresh fruit (this is my fantasy so I'm leaving out how my kids would undoubtedly be climbing all over me, spilling my food on cream-colored carpet). Am I allergic to Sundays? Does my body so react to the "downtime" of the weekend or is it dreading the week ahead so much that it collapses in on itself? I don't feel stressed. Ridiculous.


rebecca marie said...

kristi, that is bizarre! for years i had a standing date with a borderline migraine every sunday afternoon/evening. i'd say it was a good five years worth. weeeeeiiiird.

kristi w said...

So you don't have them anymore?? Okay, this is weird. Yesterday (Sunday) Connor was sick so I stayed home with him, yet I still had the headache! So it must not be exclusively the environment.

rebecca marie said...

no, it's truly crazy. i had come to the conclusion that it was some sort of stress related headache, because of my work week being about to begin. but the more i thought about it, i decided that wasn't the case, as monday was usually my favorite day of the week, fresh starts and all. i dunno. but they are gone now. it became almost comical at one point, "welp, it's three o'clock, here comes the headache..."