Friday, July 15

I Am The Huntress

I have recently rediscovered the joys of the garage sale. As a child who was relegated to wearing thriftstore clothes and eating government cheese, I think I have some unresolved issues regarding sifting through another's throwaways to make them my own. My mother, though, is a professional bargain-hunter, and, since we are temporarily living with my folks (another long entry for later), she has taken me along as the yard sale season gets into full swing.

Today we hit the jackpot! We found the elusive quality yard sale (actually more than one!), where the products are in good, working condition, the person selling isn't a total grump and the prices are actually a deal. But, as I have learned from the master (i.e. mom), it is essential to barter for a better price - no matter what.

Walking up casually to the table with my newfound treasures, seeming disinterented so as to retain the necessary power for the upcoming duel, "So, the child's desk says five dollars, this tiered candle holder three dollars and the children's books equal seventy-five cents. How about seven dollars for all of it?" "Let's say eight," is the quick response from the nice, slightly-sunburned yard sale lady. An equally quick parry flies from the confident buyer, hiding surprise at the bold counter made by this obviously experienced warrior, "Okay, eight...if you'll throw in this Madeline mini-lunch box." "Hmmm.., " The seller quietly considers this unexpected move and finally accepts the inevitable defeat. "Okay."

It's a thing of beauty.


Lori Ann said...

hey, nice blog. I just started on the blogger stuff too, as well as Ron. Can't wait to read more, no pressure!

rebecca marie said...

oh man, government cheese. i tried to pretend it was velveeta, but there was never any grit in the velveeta at my rich friends houses. nice to have a friend who ate it too. the older i get, the more people i know admit to being raised on it.