Saturday, July 2

Getting Started

Starting a blog is harder for me than I thought it would be (and harder than it should have been, no doubt!). I tend to reside on the side of the fence where perfectionism tends to find its home- something my husband insists that I must let go if I am to be a "successful" blogger. We set up this initial page today, and Allan prompted me to get my first post up as well. So I just spent the last thirty minutes looking for the "right" photo to start off this great collection of musings and perspectives.

I didn't want my first post to be a picture of my kids, even thought that is the obvious place to start: I am more than just a mother!To which my father who happened by responded, Not much!Very funny, dad. But he's right. Being a wife to Allan and a mom to Trinity and Connor are the roles for which I am most grateful to have been cast. I am afraid, I think, of having people immediately turn away from my page, if they think that all I can do is talk about the antics of my offspring. But more about my issues later...

After all of that painful deliberation on displaying the right look for my first post, I settled on this. Obviously not a photo; this is an etching that Allan did a number of years ago. It is of "our mountain", Mt. Hood, which is the beautiful backdrop to our home city of Portland, Oregon. This image takes me to a place of comfort, of tranquility. This is home.

I look forward to sharing more images, more thoughts, more reflections that make up the whole of my life. And, yes, I'll talk a lot about my kids (there are enough stories there to fill the Congressional Library). I look forward to seeing where this wandering path will take me.


Allan W. said...

I did that scratchboard drawing for a client logo that was never used. Kahoutek had recently arced across the sky, and I saw a stunning photo of it over Mt. Hood.

Welcome to the blogosphere, honey! You belong here - I can't wait to read what you have in store.

rebecca marie said...

yay! welcome kristi! we are so glad to have you!

(this is becky holden berg, by the way...)

Sarah said...

I hear ya---I tend to obsess about my blog, and while my babies are my pride and joy, I find myself battling the thought that there's more to me than just Mooooooooom, even though that's all I hear 24/7. So I tend to use my blog as my non-Mom self expression, mostly. :)

Nice to "see" ya around.

--Ex Portlander Sarah Parker--- do you remember me?

Shanna said...

Kristi... I havent seen you in so long.. welcome to the blog world!

shanna morgan