Tuesday, August 19

Happy Anniversary

Weren't we the cutest little things?? Could either of us have imagined on August 19, 1995 where we'd be today? Three lovely and lively kids...our little house...both working in vibrant ministries that focus on Kingdom work...and a marriage that gets better and better with time. I like walking this journey with you and look forward to growing old with you (except for the annoying old man habits you are already developing). I love you.


Allan White said...

Actually, yes - I did imagine that such things were possible, achievable, with you as my wife.

As soon as I got to know you, I knew that you were the kind of person that I could love and build a life with. I knew you'd encourage my own dreams and help keep me on the straight and narrow. I've enjoyed supporting your dreams as well.

I love you!

Cheryl Russell said...

Happy Anniversary!

Some funny quotes we have found in our marriage focus this summer:

"Marriage is a mistake of youth-which we should all make."

"The secret of a lasting marriage is forbearance. We each continue to believe that the other will do better tomorrow."

Lori Ann said...

Congratulations. Doing ministry together is da bomb!

kristi said...

Sweet. And encouraging as a newlywed. Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

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