Friday, August 8

Let The Games Begin!

Today is a day that I look forward to for years at a time. Four years to be exact. The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics! I just get goosebumps typing those words. Excuse me one moment while I stand, and, with my hand over my heart, recite the Pledge of Allegiance in solidarity with my proud countrymen and -women who are around the globe at this moment, preparing to represent our fine land in the great tradition of sport! sigh. I just love it!

There have been more memorable Olympic moments than I could possibly recount here. But I shall try, shan't I? [I've never used the word "shan't" before - I think I like it.] Okay, I'll limit my list to the summer Olympics; no winter allowed. And I'll limit it to events I actually remember seeing.

* The archer lighting the torch in Barcelona, 1992
* Ali lighting the torch in Atlanta
* North & South Korea walking together in the opening ceremonies in Sydney, 2000
* That one runner guy who pulled his hamstring and was helped to the finish line by his dad in 1988
* Zola Bud, running bare foot, tripping Mary Decker Slaney, who hit the deck in L.A., 1984
* Kerri Strug and the bum ankle
* Rulon Gardner, the big farm boy from Wisconsin, who took down that great Russian beast, who had not lost in 13 years, in the most amazing wrestling match of all time (except maybe Jacob & God)
* Greg Louganis smashing his head on the diving board
* Michael Phelps winning eight medals in the pool in 2004
* Cathy Freeman, the Aborigine, winning in Sydney
* Mary Lou Retton's all-around gold in 1984
* Carl Lewis on the track in 1984

What am I forgetting?


Kenli Shea said...

I love it as well. I just sat and watched in awe tonight. It was awesome. Miss you.

Allan White said...

All I have to say is this.

Adam Wolfgang said...

the guy from the small African country who picked up swimming 9 months before the Sydney games. He was not only far below the Olympic standard for swimming, but I could have beaten him! He was cheered greatly by the crowd as he nearly drown trying to finish his race!

gives me hope to move to a small country and compete in the rings!

c.hill said...

YES! I fondly remember those olympic moments too.

My other favorites include:
From 1984, Men's and Women's volleyball teams from the 84 games (where I was first introduced to Karch Kiraly and Lori Endicott),
Joan Benoit running away with the women's marathon and Edwin Moses continuing his winning streak in the 400m hurdles.

In 1988, the Men's Volleyball team winning gold in 88 (nothing like watching Karch Kiraly's dad waving the American flag from the stands). Swimmer and multi-medal winner Janet Evans. FloJo - Florence Griffith Joyner electrifies the track and field world with speed, grace and beauty (not too mention those crazy long fingernails).

And who could forget the original Dream Team in 92 - MJ, Larry Bird, Magic, Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Pippen, Robinson.

I HEART the Olympics!

Carol said...

Wonderful memorable moments, but put Rulon Gardner back in Wyoming.

brenda said...

I tear up when they play the national anthem. The first time this year was when the women swept the sabor medals.

kristicw said...

How could I forget volleyball?? I saw the '84 men's team play here in Portland after the Olympics. I think I had more than one crush going on.

I loved that little African swimmer as well. I was a crying mess for that one, too.

KMiV said...

How about the gymnast who hurt her ankle and then came back to vault a powerful performance to help the US get the all-around gold?

I also remember Dan Gable pinning every opponent to win the gold in '72.

I also remember the terrible terrorist attacks of '72 at Munich.

You pretty much got all my favorite moments in your blog.

Cheryl Russell said...

Well, you already know what some of mine are. I must say that I have gained some new ones already this week. The men's 4X100 meter relay where we crept up on a surpassed France was one!