Friday, July 6

We had a really nice 4th of July. Having it on Wednesday was a nice bonus since it made it seem like we only had a two-day work week!

First we enjoyed going to see Ratatouille, the newest Pixar creation. My expectations were pretty low going into it - I mean, how good could a movie be that highlights a rat chef? It was really, really cute! It was a nice, pleasant movie that our whole family could enjoy together.

We spent the evening at the Outlaw family's annual celebration. After a fire destroyed their home out in the boon-docks north of Washougal last year, they got their place rebuilt just in time for the 4th party. Their fireworks display was as good as many town fireworks shows! The highlight of the day for me was getting to hang out with Lezlie, my dear childhood friend. She's more lovely than ever. It was special to watch our two daughters, born just one day apart, shyly and sweetly get acquainted.

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Cheryl said...

How fun for you guys! I love the pics of you and Lezlie and your girls. You're all gorgeous!
Happy Fourth!