Saturday, July 14

Reunited at Last

This week a good friend of mine came home after a long separation. I didn't realize quite how much I missed her until we were together again. Then a lifetime of memories and emotions came flooding back. My friend was my therapist for many years - especially helping me sort through the tumultuous emotions that accompanied my teen years. How many of my tears have fallen on her? Too many to count. I learned dedication and discipline from time spent with my friend. I was sometimes frustrated after our time together, but I was always drawn back for more.

My friend lived in my parents' house most of my growing up years, so we knew each other well. But she was kind of a "foster" to our family; the original family just wasn't in a place to give the her the care and space she needed. A few years ago I was a bit heartbroken when the grandkids of the original family decided it was time for my friend to move in with them. After so many years? How can you take her away - all the way across the country? My pangs of sadness were accompanied by splashes of guilt since I hadn't spent much time with her since I moved out. Isn't that how we are sometimes? We take friends for granted.

Recently, though, the original family grandkids asked Allan and I if we would now take my friend into our home as "fosters"; they will be leaving the country and it really isn't reasonable to take her along. Of course! Of course! So yesterday my friend came home. Getting her settled into this house was not an easy task, but it was well worth the pain and even some temporary damage. It was a joy to introduce Trinity to my friend. I was very surprised when she and I were able to pick up pretty much right where we left off. Good friendships are like that.


Allan White said...

It's good to get your friend back in the house - where it belongs, and will be loved.

I grew up with my mom playing, all the time. I can't wait to hear you playing again!

I didn't know it was tear-stained from the teen years.

Jessica Bolt said...

I'm really glad your friend is home. I sure enjoyed her the other night!

Sarah Megan said...

Im glad that you got your piano. I could tell you were really excited when you were telling us about it the other night when we were hanging out at your casa. Now, if you could only get the door put back on the hinges :)

Leah said...

What a sweet moment... to sit down at the keys again. To play a little and remember.

My piano sits (and is played) at my mother in law's house. When we go there I visit my friend for a bit... remembering.

Jason Hill said...

I had no idea.

(BTW, Christa's piano has matching, white, paint smudges across the front too.)

Enjoy your reunited friend!

KMiV said...

Wow, you had me going there for a minute. What kind of people would treat a human like that by passing him/her around like that. A Piano! Cool story.

The old pianos are some of the best work ever done. It looks nice. Enjoy the time with it. Hopefully it will be with you all, and the kids for years to come.

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Kristi,
I have an old piano in my office that has seen her last day. I use her for some voice lessons, but when we need to work pitch, sadly I have to return to the electronic keyboard. I am very happy to see you reacquainted with your good friend and I request to visit with you, your family and her upon my next visit to the Northwest. God bless you guys.

Rusty and Laura said...

Kristi -- What a touching tribute to a beautiful instrument (I have tears in my eyes). I am so thankful she is with FAMILY who will love and care for her and enjoy her like their own! Thank you for saying yes. By the way, she needs a tune-up in the most desperate way. If you will find a reputable tuner and let me know how much it costs, I will send you a check.