Monday, April 9

Mary Had a Little... Easter Dinner

Holidays tend to bring out the Martha in me. Come on - don't you ever feel the inner call to decoupage, ganache, or embellish?

I sometimes like to pretend I am a gourmet chef. I enjoy purusing cooking magazines and websites, searching for new and adventursome meals to make my own. This Easter I decided to forgo the typical ham and pursue the higher standard. Lamb. Yogurt, fresh lemon, lime, & garlic marinade. And what meat doesn't work having spent time on the outdoor grill? Let me just say, I think it was a success, despite my uncouth family who inflicted jokes about a sad, three-legged sheep and put in requests for grilled rabbit next year.

So now I am exploring all of the options for leftover lamb. Tonight was a Shepherd's Pie-inspired creation. Tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe some kind of stew or kabobs.



Lori Ann said...

i for one love lamb. you are a very brave woman. keep up the good work! the shepards pie sounds wonderful!

kristi w said...

I am a little deflated since I wrote this post a couple of hours ago. Allan just realized we were out of cat food, so he hollered to me from the kitchen, Can I give the cats some of your casserole? Ouch.

Jessica said...

Way to go! Experimenting is so much fun! Even better when it turns out edible! ha ha

As for next year, I have heard that rabbit is really good - as long as you don't eat mine!

KMiV said...

Lamb is great. I loved this time of year when we taught ESL to Albanians because they always bought a lamb and we would eat the leftovers on Monday. Good eatin!

The yogurt sounds especially good. I'll bet you all enjoyed it.