Wednesday, November 15

Only In Oregon

For Eskimos up North there are about eight gazillion words for what we plain-spoken-types refer to as "snow". In the Great Northwest, we have many word pictures to describe our more frequent weather patterns, known to outsiders simply as "rain". Tonight on the news, after a crazy, stormy day, a PGE lineman being interviewed states, "It's warm out here. It's a dry rain." A dry rain?? Even this life-long Oregonian hadn't heard that one before.


Sarah Megan said...

A dry rain, huh? A little conflicting :)
Ive been hearing about your crazy wind up there. Cheronn says its crazy. I hope everything is holding up okay through the wind and the rain.

I miss ya'll!

Davis Family said...

I remember a conversation with a colleague who had recently moved from Wisconsin to Arizona. He said he heard that Oregon was having "sun breaks" and he asked what those were. I said it was when the rain stopped periodically and the sun broke through. He chuckled and said that in Arizona "sun breaks" where when the sun went behind clouds and gave people a break.

After living here all these years, I still don't know the difference between "showers," "drizzle," and "partly-sunny." They all seem like euphamisms designed to make us believe that the weather is actually changing. Otherwise, they would only be able to say, "it is raining again today..."

Douglas, who just turned four, believes that it rains because the plants need to drink. He told me the other day that the "trees must have been REALLY thirsty."

PapaPeters said...


KMiV said...

I've not heard dry rain either, but that sounds like something John Madden would say.

Glenn said...

I guess the saying skipped a generation. Your granddad Cash used to tell about going back to Wyoming and responding to peoples comments about "but it rains so much in Oregon," with the response, "yes, but it is a dry rain." When I was in Texas I had to buy my first real raincoat and I told people that reason was that the rain in Oregon was "dry rain." If you are out in a Texas rain you get really wet. [Sometimes muddy] O. K. so we have just set an all time rainfall record for the month of November with over a foot of rain. I must agree, that is a lot of wet. Anything over 4 inches a month is too much, and more than we are used to.