Wednesday, November 8

My Favorite Season

Stomping through leaves. Fire in the fireplace. Reading a book under a blanket. Chopping wood. Raking the yard.

Hot chocolate. Cinnamon. Homemade soup. Pies. Apples. Stew & cornbread. Hot tea. Homemade bread.

Cool, crisp mornings. Showing the kids the first frost. Gray clouds. Soaking rain. Sunshine. Dark evenings. Bright moon.

School days. Trinity’s birthday. “Trick or Treat!”. Thanksgiving. Connor’s birthday.

Pumpkin patch. Hayrides. Corn maze. Picking hay out of my kids hair. Muddy shoes.

Scarves & hats. Sweaters. Thick coats. Boots. Searching for mittens. Slippers in the morning. Sweats at night.

Football. More football.

Yellow. Brown. Red. Orange.

I love fall.


kristi said...

I'm glad you are enjoying fall!

Anonymous said... too!

Sarah Megan said...

Fall is good, but Im pretty sure it is better there than we have Fall? Haha, ummmm...your kids are my favorites. Really, cutest kids EVER!

Im glad you are in the midst of your favorite time of year :)

PapaPeters said...

i like it too yeah

KMiV said...

Me too, it brings back memories of football when we were kids. It also means Christmas is coming.