Friday, November 10

The Best Day Ever

As I entered the living room this morning, I was pleasantly greeted with the exclamation, "This is the Best Day Ever!" I was warmed with the sentiment that my children were excited about the "family day" before us. With Trinity out of school today, Allan also took a day off so that we could spend a day together as a family - eat a leisurely breakfast, maybe go to OMSI, just enjoy spending time doing whatever it is that struck our fancy. Who knew what excitment lay before us on this great Friday? Truly it could be the Best Day Ever! That millisecond of fantasy quickly vanished as I glanced at the t.v., which was emblazened with the message, BEST DAY EVER! And you know why? Twenty-four hours of Spongebob Squarepants. Nice.


Allan W. said...

I feel a bit trashy, but SB makes me laugh out loud. My highlights of the spongy part of my day (oh, wait, the rest was spongy & wet, too):

- Patrick & SpongeBob are bothering Suzy the Squirrel while hibernating. They're plucking fur off to stay warm in her biodome's simulated winter. Patrck: "I'm a big man, Bob...I can't wait!" Out comes the duct tape, riiip! SB makes a toupee and mustache.
- SB can't tie his shoes. He comes home, and Gary the Snail (mrawr!) ties his shoes. "Gary! You can tie shoes!?". Gary rises up, revealing dress shoes underneath, nicely tied.

Is it better than the constant violence of Tom & Jerry that I grew up on? Yes! More laughing and quirkyness, and some odd stuff.

Lindsey said...

But was it?

Sarah Megan said...

Okay, you may hate me..but I laughed when I read your entry. It is just SO your kids. LOL.
But really, I hope you got a chance to at least relax while your kids were ENTHRALED with Sponge Bob.

Funny story, I had a SB birthday party when I turned 16, no joke. I like to be different and I think he is cute.

Have a great day!

Aimee Jo said...

I really highly dislike Sponge Bob... and I'm sorry for the confusion between family day and a sponge that lives in the ocean and somehow never drowns.