Thursday, July 20

No News is...Oh, Never Mind

Thank you for all of the well-wishing email, phone calls, and blog comments lately. Tuesday has come and gone, so my dear doctor is back. When I told him how relieved I was, he shared that he had told the nurses to call him if I went into labor while he was on vacation. He was going to make every effort to come in for it, even then (you see why I love this man?).

Now we are at a place of decision. This baby is getting big (they're guessing it is well into the eight pound range or bigger at this point), and I'm still only 1 cm dilated. I can be induced, which I was trying to avoid because of the long labor that results, or I can wait, and risk a few complications that come with larger babies, like a long labor, tearing, and the baby getting stuck (all which happened with Trinity when she was induced past her due date). Hmmm...any other options available?

I know I should put on my happy face, but I'm a little discouraged about this tonight (morning? - sleep isn't coming). Maybe disappointed is a better word. You know, sometimes things in life don't work out how we'd want. I can deal with it, and I know the important result is the same - a little bundle of joy and perfection placed in my arms at the end of a battle. But right now I want to be in my disappointment.

I'm sure things will look brighter in the daylight.


Aimee Jo said...

I love you!! Sorry that you are not getting sleep--that has to make things 10x worse. We are thinking about you a lot and are anxiously awaiting the news. See you soon.

sarah said...

oh i hate having to make this decision. if its any consolation i was induced with hannah and when they decided to break my water things went fast, too fast. Apparently third children come quicker than first (or second). i think its the romantic part of me that wants to wait for labor to start spontaneously. We can't wait to hear the news. Hope you get to rest before the big day comes.

Davis Family said...

Praying for a healthy and happy baby...whenever they choose to come (or you choose to help them along).

rebecca marie said...

not to be yicky... but have you researched how to get your cervix to dilate at home?

Amanda Peterson said...

Well, do let me know when the little tyke does finally arrive!

Sarah Megan said...

I heard about your baby girl.

Oh, and Kristi--- I admire you for delivering an 11 pound baby. I cannot wait to see her :)

Lori Ann said...

you are the WOMAN!
Congrats on a healthy baby girl!
she totally beat out Hunter, he was only 10#6oz.
We are so happy for the white family!
welcome to the world baby girl!

Aimee Jo said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Kristi, I'm so proud of you!! I can hardly wait to meet Fiona!! Is Trinity just so excited to have a little sister? I bet she'll be a big help to you! I have been in constant prayer for you since yesterday morning. Blessings on you and your family as you celebrate this new baby!! :)
Oh, and by the way...hearing of Fiona's particularly large size makes me reconsider all this fussing I do about not being able to have a baby--HOLY COW!!!