Monday, July 3

Baby Name Ideas

After the "Are you having twins??" and "Is it a boy or a girl?" questions that I field dozen of times per day, the next question is usually about what names we have chosen. I'd love to have an answer for people. We just can't seem to have a discussion about it - other than my occasional "What do you think about [fill in the blank]?" and Allan's initial response and Trinity and Connor giving their definite opinions. Allan has always liked the idea of waiting to choose the name once we meet the baby, so I'm thinking that may be playing a part in our lack of deliberation. Here's a few ideas we have been throwing around - we're still open to others, though. Feel free to comment on what you like and don't like; I'm sure we'll go our own way no matter what people say!

(I think we have an "n" ending thing going on)

Boy Middle Name:

Willow (too many Ws?)

Girl Middle Name:
Jade (I think this is the only name we are pretty set on)


Lori Ann said...

Okay, I read this post last night. So I dreamed that you showed up to pick your kids up at some function and you had just had your baby.
I inquired about the gender and name...girl, Sandra Jade.
I don't know why you were in my dreams last night.
Happy baby naming!

KMiV said...

I was thinking Rowan Martin White!

Keeping you all in prayer.


Josh Stump said...

I read a story about a guy who wanted to name his soon to be born son "Espn" after a fairly popular sports related broadcasting corp. The wife, wanting to shut him up about it, said that she would agree if he could find the name in a baby book. Turns out Espn is a scandanavian name and rather easily found in a baby book.

So, I recommend the name Espn for girl or boy and suggest not using the "if you can find it in a baby book" method for shutting down strange suggestions from friends and family.

Sarah Megan said...

I like Rowan. And Im going with Trinity and saying Fiona....

that is all....

Davis Family said...

I love Lillian (although would it become Lily White?). Fiona is beautiful, but she'd have to be prepared for the Shrek references. Arwen lends itself to gifts of beautiful diamong jewelry (as Liv Tyler demonstrated in the Lord of the Rings Movie). You got to love that. All the boys names I love (we know a Kellen and Caden). I know this probably wasn't much help, but thanks for sharing.

kristi w said...

Ever since Magnum P.I. had a daughter on the show named Lily, that has been my chosen girl name. But, alas, my choice of husband made that no longer a wise option. I've debated if we could keep it Lillian, but I think this one is probably lower on the list anyway.

I'm not too worried about Fiona and the Shrek references. It happens now, but by the time she is in school, Shrek will be far enough removed in history to not be an issue, I imagine (we don't hear too much about the Trinity Matrix connection any longer).

Allan has started really warming to Kellen this week, and I've heard several votes for Rowan (but the "w" sounds of Rowan White?). Trinity has adamantly informed me that Willow "is a TERRIBLE name!" I sense progress!

Amanda Peterson said...

I'm horrible about names. I usually can find a quick way to make fun of a name. So for reasons I won't name--just know that I found some pretty mean things to call your kid--I would through out Rowan, Fiona, Kellen, and Willow. But of course its your kid, and you can name it whatever you want. I promise not to actually make fun of the kid.

stephanie said...

sorry, but fiona makes me think of a green ogre princess. lol. willow... makes me think of willow the midgit... not that there is _anything_ wrong with midgits.

lillian seems like a very "A&K White family" name. Elegant but not snooty.

Gina said...

You have a lovely list of names there. Not a loser in the bunch. And I think they'd all go well with the other kids' names.

If it were me, I'd probably drop Caden (because it's common with the teen mother set, and he might end up being Caden W. for his first 18 years) and Lillian (it's beautiful, but the Lily White thing is going to happen no matter how much you try to avoid it).

I think Rowan and Kellan are my favorites for boys. (I don't recall Connor's middle name, but have you considered Cole or Clay? They seem to go with the theme.) I love the name Fiona, and I think the Shrek connection is fading fast. And of course, one of my favorite bloggers is named Arwen, so that would make your baby cool by association.

I'm sure whatever combination you choose will be nice--you've got great lists to pick from.

Gina (Frost) Kortan

Allan said...

'Kellen' is stuck in my mind for some reason. I like the way it rolls off the tongue; it has a musical quality.

Glenn said...

What does a granddad know, but both Willow and Lillian go back about a hundred years, and therefore seem old fashioned to me. Both of those names were used in cowboy pictures for not so nice women as in "Lil and her girls." However one of the nicest women we knew in our family circle was Lillian - she died a couple of years ago at the age of 100. I like Kellen, but when you call either Kellen or Allan, the other may respond - getting any response is good, however.

sarah said...

i wanted to name andrew lillian but alas i ended up with a niece lilly. i dont really like willow white, it ia a lot of w's. We're having the same trouble with names. i'm more like allen...sometimes you just need to hold that baby first!

Jessica said...

I'm a fan of Caden Stone....
A few thoughts:
I'd steer clear of Rowan Stone. And on the W track, Rowan White would not be too many W's unless he ended up having trouble with his Rs like so many children do, and call himself Wowan White.

Also, I LOVE the name Lillian. And I like Jade is a beautiful middle name.