Friday, September 12

When Are You Coming For a Visit?

CNN and Travel & Leisure Magazine received over 600,000 votes on their "America's Favorites" poll. On this day of bright sun and 78 degrees, it's not hard to see that here is what they found:

Quality of Life & Visitor Experience (Overall)

1 Portland, Oregon
2 Charleston
3 Austin
4 Honolulu
5 Minneapolis/St. Paul
6 San Diego
7 Santa Fe
8 Denver
9 Seattle
10 San Francisco
11 San Antonio
12 Nashville
13 Chicago
14 Phoenix/Scottsdale
15 Boston
16 Washington, D.C.
17 Miami
18 Orlando
19 New Orleans
20 New York
21 Philadelphia
22 Las Vegas
23 Dallas/Fort Worth
24 Atlanta
25 Los Angeles

Based on: Noteworthy neighborhoods, Skyline/views, Public parks and access to the outdoors, Cleanliness, Public transportation and pedestrian friendliness, Traffic, Safety, Weather, Peace and quiet, Affordability, People-watching, Environmental awareness


Lori Ann said...

I agree. I am such a converted

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

I'll be there in two weeks.


Cheryl Russell said...

Moving on Up! We're going from #7 to #1.

Jason Hill said...

The list kinda makes me wanna try Austin for a while. Home of Lance Armstrong and bounteous bbq. Of course I could probably talk Christa in to number 4 pretty easily.

However, I'm quite suspect of any list that uses traffic, safety and affordability as indicators and puts L.A. at 25. It shouldn't even be in the top 50.

Brenda said...

I can't help but notice that Bakersfield is missing from that list. HMMM, maybe that should tell me something!

Sarah Megan said...

What?! No Houston? Looks like Im running to the right place :)