Tuesday, October 30


Gigantic stinging bees. Owls and bats in a dark bedroom. Tooth monsters (you know, a tooth-shaped monster who has lots of teeth and one eye).

Nightmares have found a home in my children's rooms at night. I don't know why these disturbing visions are so especially profound and prolific this week, but my guess is that a certain October holiday which inundates our television shows, grocery stores, and party plans may have something to do with it. What this means for mom and dad is the groggy awakening to the creak, creak, creak of a little person making their way down the stairs. Then there's the momentary guessing game - which child's silhouette will appear in the doorway?

We called a family meeting to address this phenomenon. For all of you insomniacs out there, I thought I'd share the meeting notes.

What To Do When You Have a Nightmare or Can't Sleep Before You Wake Up Mom and Dad

1. Pray. Yes, the Lord is awake and He really wants to help you with this problem. This can help you also remember that you are safe and not alone.

2. Turn on your flashlight.

3. Read a short book.

4. Count to 100.

5. Visualize a great story in your mind. Go on a hike, visit the beach, sled at Mt. Hood. What do you see? Are there any smells? What's the temperature? What do you hear? How do you feel inside?

6. Go to the living room & sleep on the couch.
Try these out and you, too, can have a good night's sleep tonight! And, please, oh please, let your mom and dad sleep.


KMiV said...

I like you plans better than ours, "Go back to bed or your in trouble." :) :)

Steve Maxwell said...

That is awesome Kristi. I so miss your ability to help me think through things like this. I think I will save these meeting notes and use them in the future. God bless you guys.

rebecca marie said...

it always breaks my heart just a little that their little minds can conjur up such horror.

and it breaks my spirit a little bit to be so exhausted.

great post.

Jason Hill said...

I can confirm that the Prayer suggestion works. That was my mother's advice and I use it still today.

Allison said...

I'll put this in a frame and hang it in the nursery. I would go into my parent's room for anything when I was little.