Wednesday, September 6

Quote of the Day

Mali, a little friend from PUMP, watching closely as she learns the fine art of breast-feeding, "Do you ever give her chocolate milk?"
"No, Mali, I don't make chocolate milk."
"Why not?"
"Well, I only make regular flavored milk."
"You could wear a chocolate bra!"


Steve Maxwell said...

Oh that is awesome. Sounds Mali knows the joys of Chocolate milk and wants to share the experience. Very cute quote Kristi. Thanks for sharing.

Lori Ann said...

mmm...chocolate bra's! she might be onto something. I'm sure they do make them somewhere!

Sarah Megan said...

Oh man, that IS something that Mal would say. She is quite the character, isnt she?

I miss ya'll a lot. I hope all the changes with PUMP are starting to smooth out and feel like normal.


Amanda Peterson said...

That's too great! I needed that laugh.

Aimee Jo said...

Hmmm, quite an idea from a little lady! She cracks me up-thanks for the story.

Leah said...

Gotta love the honesty of children!! - What a Mali thing to say. That's great!!

KMiV said...

You and Gently Led both got a smile from me out of your blogs. That was a good one.

suzylu said...

Actually Kristi - I think you just need to eat/drink more chocolate and see what couldn't hurt =)