Friday, March 24

March Madness

Trinity asked me the other day why it is that I like sports so much. Last night gave the answer. Did you see those games?? They were crazy exciting and offer a surge of adrenaline that one just doen't get to experience often, unless it's in a near-death barely-missed car accident.
Trinity (parroting a commercial): March Madness!
Connor: March Madness? What's that?
Trinity: It's the best night of basketball all year!

Dominant Duke knocked out by the "Big Baby" and LSU. West Virginia tied the game with a great three-pointer, leaving just five seconds left on the clock, only to have Texas match with an equally amazing three-pointer to win at the buzzer. UCLA hammered the entire game, down by as many as seventeen points, to come back and, with an acrobatic steal, win by two over Gonzaga and the ever-present Morrison.

Good stuff!


Kaelea said...

How I wish I'd seen those games! No matter who's in the final two, I hope the games are as good as these were.

PapaPeters said...

Oh sad I saw them they were pretty great. I only have two channels but they were on so I didn't have much choice haha. I had no idea you were such a big fan cool beans

Sarah Megan said...

March Madness just seems to make March such a beautiful month. Me, I like football more, but basketball is good too. I was VERY disappointed with Duke losing, but it definitely served for some wonderful entertainment. You and Em need to get together. She is definitely liking March Madness.

Steve Maxwell said...

Oh my, K-White, you are so right! I loved it and the games drove me crazy. Looking forward to more madness.

Jason Hill said...


Jeannette Maxey said...

March Madness means Travis and I have been together for 4 years! Our first date was during the Elite Eight when Indiana played Kent State. We're sports fans, but March Madness means something even extra special for us! Basketball is the best sport ever!!