Saturday, February 18

New Blog

A minute aspect of my personality that I do not adore is that I have trouble formulating the foundation for my opinions. I can say, "I like it" or "I despise it", but I often cannot express the reason why. It is a characteristic of myself in which I would like to see improvement. So, I recently started an exercise to force myself to decide how I feel about what I see and read, in the form of a review blog. Looking over what I have written thus far, I tend to highlight the facts regarding what it is I am reviewing, while the actual review remains fairly lean. But, hey, it is a work in progress. In the meantime, you may find something you'd like to read or watch based on my little musings.


Lindsey said...

Hey, that is really cool! I've found that making myself evaluate movies and books in writing helps me understand my likes and dislikes so much better. You've made a great beginning, and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

randy said...

I like reading reviews from someone I know.

Cheryl said...

Hey, I enjoyed the reviews. Glad you are doing this. Since I can't peruse the bookshelves myself...I will enjoy perusing your blog instead. :-)