Tuesday, February 28

Dry Spell

I have hit a dry spell in my blogging life. Why then, I hear you ask, are you bothering me now with idle pratter? Because I can. And as I recently encouraged my friend Aimee Jo, I am going to say something, even if it lacks entertainment value.

So what's been going on with me lately? Two words: perinatal depression (think: what you've heard about post-partum depression, but during pregnancy). And, get this...while I was sobbing and being generally pathetic this last week, my lowest point so far, my husband was on a business trip to Florida. He worked incredibly hard, for sure, but good grief, the place was a luxury spa and resort. I even noticed they provide maternity massage! And why was I not there?? I think Trinity and Connor would have done just fine on their own. They're pretty scrappy kids! Actually, now that I think about it, Trinity might have done a better job at keeping the house cleaned had I been gone.
Allan picks up something off of the table, giving a grunt of disgust, Is this honey all over the table?
Oh, no, it's syrup. I covered it with a napkin and forgot about it.
How long has it been here??

If you'll excuse me...I have some housework to catch up on.


kristi w said...

I have to add a comment to my own post already. Even though I have taken a light tone in this entry, depression is not a funny matter. Perinatal depression is not just "mood swings" caused by some hormonal fluxuations. It is a serious problem for many, many women (more than twice as many as those who experience post-partum depression). Please be aware.

Cheryl said...

Bless you. "Pain in childbirth" covers more than just labor in my opinion. The whole process is a paradox. Blissfully blessed and longed for. Overwhelmingly difficult and depleting.
Love you--

Lori Ann said...

I am sorry for you. It doesn't help that your mom is rather far from home too!
I remember Ron being away a couple times last year and I felt like just sleeping the whole time he was gone.
I'm glad you can see a little humor in this!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey K-White,
Hang in there lady. Like I said to AJ. You writing about "nothing" is enough for us to know how to pray for you and your family. "Lord please switch Allan and Kristi's role's every one in a while. Send her to a resort and let him play with his awesome children. Then send the parents away so Trinity can get the house cleaned. :-)"
God bless you Kristi.

PapaPeters said...

Thanks for the serious note kristi, also for the lighter side of life. Your cleaning problems reminds me of andrew's old dorm in college especially the syrup covered up for well who know's how long....

randy said...

Without the ordinary moments of life we would not fully appreciate the extra-ordinary moments of life. So write about all of it. Call it free therapy! Strange that people would be interested in the ordinary mundane moments? It reveals who out there cares about you and yours.

In a pinch you could always write about edkcx!

rebecca marie said...

kristi - thanks for trusting us with this. and thank you for still seeing humour in the day to day and reflecting that in your blog. depression can be all consuming, and when you let us in, we can support you.

rebecca marie said...

oh man, i looked at your profile, to get your email address, but it wasn't there. if you get a sec, could you email me at rebecca-marie@hotmail.com ?

KMiV said...

I had never heard of that before. It does make sense and I think it would be good for us to be sensitive to our young mothers going through this.

Maybe I should not have been gone when Lori was pregnant.

StrawberryLorax said...

Hey, I'm not even pregnant, and the house isn't as clean as I would like. I think you're brilliant, I'm going to go buy some more napkins. Do you think that if I wore one on my head I could skip doing my hair?

Davis Family said...

And here I thought it was the curse of being a multi-tasker with elevated hormones. :) I hope you are feeling like yourself again and that Trinity master that Mommy massage.