Tuesday, December 20

Baby's First Photo

Here is a great shot of Sprout (Trinity was Spot, Connor was Squirt) at nine weeks along. Baby was apparently napping, but we heard and saw a good, strong heartbeat. I took Trinity along for this appointment, so she was excited to see a picture of the baby.

In case you need assistance on what you are viewing: the bigger circle to the left is the head with the dark spots of the brain; the middle circle is the body with little arms & legs on each corner; the sac to the right is the little nurishment ball (or soccer ball) until the placenta forms more fully in the next few weeks.

Estimated Due Date: July 25 (is it just me or does that sound light years away?!)


Cindy said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kristi!! And lets not forget about Allan either! How exciting for your whole family!!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hello Sprout,
I can't wait to give you a "Big Steve" kiss officially welcoming you into the land of "Big Steve-ness" :-)

Davis Family said...

How cool! Congratulations, again!

KMiV said...

Praise God the baby is healthy. She looks like Allen! :) :)
I had you and the baby in prayer today.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful. Love you, Sprout. And all the rest of you too.

PapaPeters said...

God is Great