Tuesday, December 27

The Alien Within

I have not added any new and exciting thoughts (or dull and mundane) to this blog for a little while now. I have been afraid. You see, there is an alien inhabiting my brain and emotional center that I fear will rear its ugly head if given opportunity, such as the empty page of a blog post. Tears flow freely these days. The last night of Monday Night Football on ABC totally had me choked up. I will not even attempt to describe the floodgates that opened during the last Extreme Makeover (did you see the kids who couldn't be in the sun playing at Disneyland??). My poor kids just pat my shoulder: It'll be okay, mommy. To contrast the sad moments, this alien has cut very short the fuse to my temper. When we realized that Allan had left our toothpaste at my parents' house (after I had already packed it), you would have thought he had just intentionally set our house on fire. But I just ate a Lik-a-Stik! Now I have to go to bed with sugar-coated teeth! And you probably have left all of our travel toothpastes at work, haven't you?? Ugly. So I keep quiet. I hate getting in trouble, and whenever I think of a post entry, I imagine it is too emotional or passionate or pathetic to go without rebounding trouble. So for the meantime, until I recognize my own thoughts again, I will refrain from topics relating to church, friends, family, politics or anything controversial. For the immediate future, you can look forward to comments on the weather and the conditions of the roads (name that movie reference).


Morris said...

Congrats on the kid!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

ewall said...

sense and sensibility is a good one kristi!

hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Lindsey said...

Aw... *hug!*
This, too, shall pass... but in the meantime, I'll miss your habit of posting freely.

Glenn said...

It's O.K. Kristi, I will put the tooth paste to good use!! Who said dad's can't be sympathetic? I needed to smile after our trip to Seattle, and then writing the blog I just posted. We can all laugh with you because, although it is not really funny, we all can identify, although not all of us have experienced the hormonal change you are experiencing. From my perspective it is all worth it to bring me a new grandchild.

Cheryl said...

Bless you, Kristi. Cry when you feel like it...rest when you can and for goodness sake, Allan, keep the toothpaste where it belongs!!! Many hugs to you and Allan as you carry, labor and birth...I love you!

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Girl!
Nothing but love. Listen, you have the right to say what you want in this world. You are too sweet to say anything with malice plus the fact that you are in the middle of a miracle. So be cool. Let me know if you need someone to come and help you watch the Ducks vs Sooner game and let me know - I'll get you some tooth paste if you need. Allan, you hang in there. You have been here twice and the awesome results run around your house everyday. I love "White" people. There, now, a hug from big Steve. :-)

KMiV said...

I read a great book while Lori was carrying Hunter. "What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding." Great book for you and Allan to read together. Its humerous and maybe takes the sting off of the emotional roller coaster--at least from my perspective--you'll have to ask Lori about that.

I remember that every month it gives a list what "irritates your wife the most." Month 4-9 the top of the list is "you" (husband).

Had you and the baby in prayer Tuesday.


rebecca marie said...

man man man... i hope you feel better soon.