Tuesday, September 13


I've been thinking about my friends lately and what a gift from God good friends really are. One week recently had me connecting with many of these treasured people.

You know those friends that you don't see very often anymore, but when you are together you can pick up right where you left off? That is Scott & Laura and Tony & Jennifer for us. Our friendships go back to pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre-Boston, London & New Jersey. The inside jokes that still crack us up date back a decade or so; I look forward to laughing at those same jokes when our grandkids are running around us.

E-mail reconnected me with three buds who had incredible impact on my life from elementary school through high school graduation. Lisa, Lezlie, Kristin and I are terrible at keeping our communication current. I miss them; they make me a better person.

I called my college roommate Jeannette on a drive home when I realized that I was actually alone in the car! We filled each other in on all of our old college friends - Carolyn, Kaylene, Susan, Lori, Mandy. It's hard to believe it's been so long since our Harding days.

Moving is one of those life events that brings out the heartiest of peers! Jason & Christa moved us into our first house six years ago; they once again demonstrated their capacity to be abused by us. Ike, Kealea, Andrew, Aimee & Lanny also added their muscles to making our house our home. And a number of our PUMP friends provided meals for us that first week we were in our house.

There are many, many others who I am thankful to count as friends. If you are reading this blog, you are probably one of them! Thanks, friend. :-)


rebecca marie said...

WOW! i bet it's been four years or more since i've seen tony and jennifer... sometime ago we went to flying pie for John Lloyds birthday, sheesh. the hamiltons? a decade. are they local again? if so, i'd not even heard that. man life goes right on by, doesn't it?

kristi w said...

The Hamiltons reside in New Jersey these days. Allan and I got to visit them when we were in New York last fall for a conference. Quite a crew!

Davis Family said...

Flying Pie, yum! That was a long time ago. We are still in the area. Check out our comings-and-goings at www.DavisFamilyHome.us.

phyllis said...

I'm glad you've had such great friends through the years, and you are right --they are all special people. Glenn and I have friends that go back 45-50 years, and we cherish the times we have shared. We used to talk about our babies & jobs, but now we share our ailments and grandchildren stories. Friends are the frosting on cake of life.

Jeannette Maxey said...

Oh, my! The tears well up when I take the time to reflect. How things have changed and time has flown! It's been 11+ years since Harding, 9 years since I left Portland and today is our third anniversary, already! It's an honor to be included amongst your honor roll of friends. (I catch up on your lives every once in a while by stopping by your pages. I just found yours!)