Thursday, September 29

Five Years Old

Dear Trinity,
You have always been our miracle baby. When we were unsure if we would get to have children, the Lord blessed us in a mighty and miraculous way by entrusting us I love to tell you the story of how the Lord looked around heaven, until he saw his most beautiful, sweet and precious angel. "Who needs to receive this special gift from me? Who will see what a blessing she is?" And then He saw your daddy and me and how much we desired an angel to to take of.
The day we found out you were going to join us was truly the most joyful of my life. It is one of the few times I have genuinely cried tears of joy.
So here we are, five years down the road. You continue to amaze us with your gentle and sweet spirit (except during wrestling matches and choosing clothes for the day!). We are humbled that the Lord allows us the gift of parenting you. Thank you for being patient with us (we're trying to figure out this parenting thing as we go along), for being a great sister and friend and for being so dang lovable.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


rebecca marie said...

happy happy happy!!

Lori Ann said...

Happy #5 Trinity. You are a great blessing to your family!
Doesn't time just fly!