Friday, September 25

Trinity's Birthday

Nine years ago today I gave birth to a nine pound, one ounce bundle of beauty. There were a few phrases that we could count on each person declaring when saw our sweet Trinity Rose: “Look at all of that dark hair!” “Oh, those long fingers will be perfect for playing piano/ rock climbing/ volleyball...” and most of all, “Those eyes!!” Trinity was born with huge dark saucers that were so full that there was no white even visible. She was absolutely stunning to behold. On every outing people would declare how much she looked like a china doll - perfectly smooth, porcelain skin, cute little button features, and those eyes.

Trinity had the personality to match her angelic looks - pleasant, content, sweet. I recall a friend commenting that he didn’t think he ever heard her cry in her first year. Of course that was far from the truth, but her cry, like the rest of her, was soft and sweet.

She was our gift from the Creator (i.e. the Trinity) who was bestowing his great grace on us after so much uncertainty if pregnancy would ever be an option. The moment that we discovered that we were pregnant with her will always remain the most joyful of my life.

Nine years later and my joy over Trinity continues. No longer quiet and reserved, she bubbles over with enthusiasm, energy, and humor. She is filled with a spirit of adventure, always looking for a tree to climb, a new trail to explore, a place to dance, and a mall to shop! Her mind is inquisitive; she loves nothing more than to ask her dad questions about space, geology, or science - usually at bedtime.

At nine, Trin is in that middle land between childhood and the teens years. Pop culture and style is becoming increasingly important to her; yet she still plays dress up with her sister, does what she can to pester her brother, and snuggles with her mom (may that never stop!). It is my prayer that Trinity will come to truly believe and embrace her position as a daughter of the King, that she will see herself as the beautiful, amazing person she is.

Happy birthday, Trinity Rose! I love you so much!

What memories do you have of Trinity's first nine years?


Sarah Megan said...

Oh Trinity, happy birthday to one of my favorite kids in the whole world (and I work with kids, so that is a HUGE compliment).

My favorite memory? My first summer. I don't know why... but I wanted to get to know you so bad, and you didn't seem too eager to get to know ANYONE new. I tried and tried and finally one day, you gave in :) I remember the laughs, the hugs, and the time we spent together every time I was in Portland and I remember the tears I cry every time I have to leave and the joy I feel every time I come back and it is just like I never left.

You are truly a special girl with an amazing personality. God is going to do great things for you and great things THROUGH you, sweet girl. I love you and miss you more than I could ever tell you and I am still workin' my bootie off to be able to live closer to you :)

I hope you have an amazing day and an even more amazing birthday weekend. I love you!!!!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Trinity!

The memories I have of Trinity have to do with my time watching Fiona. Trinity has always been my right hand gal, offering advise from time to time concerning "what mom would do" when Fiona was tiny and rolling her eyes out of her head if Logan ever talked to her. What I have enjoyed about Trinity is her willingness to make the best of it when she had to come to my house. Though I know (and am not hurt by the fact) that my house was not her favorite place to be, she was polite and helpful and easy to entertain. She played with "the little kids" and served as comic relief from time to time.

Trinity has always been pleasant and helpful, as I said. But I know that she is that way because of the parents she has. ~ Trinity is nine. She is beautiful and growing into a young lady. But she is who she is largely because of who you two are; your love for each other, your love for God and your love for your children. ~ In fact, who you are is a large reason why I am who I am now... You are a blessing to so many, but especially your children.

As I pray for your family I pray for a blessing on your marriage, your health and your hearts as parents. You are incredible friends and priceless parents.

God bless you today and every day!

KMiV said...

Wow, she has really grown and looks so much like you Kristi--sorry Allen.

She is a wonderful young woman.

Allan W. said...

Ron, do you think I *want* her to look like me? =)

So proud of my daughter. She surprises me nearly every day with something new.

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