Monday, April 13

Launching Counseling Site

I am excited to let everyone know about the new venture that my family is undertaking! This spring we have kicked off Kristi Cash White Counseling, my private practice that is focused on the mental health of children and families. I have a great office in North Portland, just about five minutes from my house.

Please check out our new website: Kristi Cash White Counseling and subscribe to the blog on that site for fun and informative posts on counseling, parenting, kids issues, and mental health.

See you at the other site!


Kenli Shea said...


lindsey said...

Congratulations, that's so cool! Good-looking site, too. I look forward to reading your posts there!

TanyaLee said...

Congratulations! That looks like a fantastic direction for you. I look forward to hearing what great work you are doing!

phyllis said...

What a great site to tell about your counseling. Way to go, girl.
I am so proud of you!