Wednesday, December 10

Heard Around the House

Fiona sucking on toes...
Mom: What's that toe taste like, Fiona?
Fiona: peanut butter & jelly


Kristi: I think Jesus is coming tomorrow.
Trinity: How do you know?
Kristi: I don't actually know. I'm just hoping.
Trinity: Awww - but tomorrow is show-and-tell!


In the midst of a frustrating conversation with a child who was speaking disrespectfully...
Allan: Do you know why you need to talk nice to your mom??
Connor: Yeah, she gave birth to me!


Jennifer B. Davis said...

Did Allan respond: "Yes, she brought you into the world and she can take you out!"

Seems like the boy might have walked right into a comment like that. :)

Hopefully, you have a great day!

Lori Ann said...

atleast Connor knows the right answer!

Cheryl Russell said...

Cute! I love peanut butter and jelly!

Kristi said...

Jen - we couldn't respond because we were laughing so hard. Hmmm...wonder where he's heard that line before??

Ellie said...

Oh what wonderful comments! Your children say the greatest things!